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Mar. 18th, 2010 @ 09:43 am life and stuff
Current Mood: happyhappy
Life is going pretty good...some things have happened that are not so good, but for the most part...life is getting better all the time. I completed my CNA in December of 09, but so far no job, although I have (finally) gotten some call backs, and have had some decent interviews, one wants to hire me but can't because im not on the MN Nurses Aid Registry, but I have some interviews tomorrow for Wisconsin based jobs, so that wont be a problem...I've always had a theory that if I could secure an interview, I will get the job...so far thats held true, and I hope beyond hope that it holds true tomorrow...we really, really need the money.
On better news, someone made an offer on our house a few months back, we're just waiting for the paperwork to go threw and all that jazz. We're not to sure where we'll move, but we're thinking baldwin or sommerset...possibly hudson depending on prices of apartments. I'd love to go to Hudson, but realistically right now...Baldwin or Sommerset is probably better.
I dont really use livejournal much anymore, so for any of my friends reading, if you want to keep up with all the happenings in my life (not exactly exciting stuff to be honest) then feel free to add me on facebook...www.facebook.com/ipimpblue I update a lot on there, and find it easier to keep in touch with people.
Pat and I are doing ok I guess, we're both pretty stressed about the house selling and money issues, he is still on unemployment but we hope with spring/summer on the way the business will reopen and all will be well...if hes working full time and im working at least part/full time, we'll be fine. Still poor, but fine=-) lol. Anyway, thats all I got. Still knitting of course, although i've kind of stagnated on it, been to busy. Was really busy with school for a while, and studying for the state test, but after that, I just got bored with it, although I still pick up my needles...and when I do I can't put them down.
Time to get off of here and get dressed...almost 10am and still in my pjs...never thought i'd be one for sleeping at night and being awake during the day...who'd have thought=-)
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